Mentor Heat Pump Services

Whether your heat pump is blowing cold air or not putting out the amount of heat you want, Anderson Heating & Cooling has you covered with our expert heat pump repair service!

Here in Mentor, OH, residents have a variety of HVAC contractors they can call when they have heat pump issues. However, out of over 25,000 customers who have chosen Anderson Heating & Cooling, 75% of those came from referrals. Call us today and find out why your friends and neighbors choose and recommend us.

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Common Heat Pump Problems

Here in Mentor, OH, people rely on their heat pumps to keep them comfortable all year long. As with all major appliances, routine maintenance is key to keeping them efficient and running well. Here’s a list of the most common heat pump problems you may encounter, and when you should call an expert HVAC contractor like Anderson Heating & Cooling. If your heat pump does any of the following, give us a call:

  • Stops producing heat.
  • Doesn’t provide the amount of heat you require.
  • Fan runs, but you feel cold air coming out.
  • Cycles on and off frequently.
  • Produces noises like squealing.

If you notice any of the above signs or something else out of the ordinary, call us for inspection.

How to Maintain Your Heat Pump

Like your car, your heat pump requires regular maintenance to ensure its long life and performance. Here are a few tips for maintaining your heat pump.

  • Keep your thermostat at the same temperature to maximize energy efficiency.
  • Check the air filters every month and replace them if needed.
  • Clean the outdoor unit free of debris, snow, and ice.
  • Clean the outdoor coils.
  • Flush the condensate pan and drain it in the spring.
  • Have your heat pump serviced once a year by a trained technician.

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Choosing a Heat Pump

Many versatile and economical systems are ideal for heating and cooling the home, and the heat pump is one of the most popular. People use heat pumps because they provide comfort all year-round without the need for separate systems. Also, heat pumps are cheaper to operate because they’re more efficient than other systems. If you’re considering a heat pump, call us and let us examine your home and your heating/cooling requirements.

When Mentor, OH residents need a reliable heat pump service company, they call on Anderson Heating & Cooling. Call us today and find out why at 440-255-8500.