Mentor Kitchen Plumbing Services

Plumbing problems in the kitchen? Call now for services in Mentor.

Your kitchen is an essential and frequently used area of your home. When one of its features or functions isn’t working, it can throw off your whole routine and keep you from living comfortably. Anderson Heating & Cooling is your local Mentor, OH, plumber offering comprehensive kitchen plumbing services, from minor repairs to major replacements.

Need garbage disposal repair, sink installation, or fixture replacement? We can do that, and more! And with our exceptional service, we guarantee fair, flat-rate pricing and 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Clogged kitchen sinks are a common plumbing issue! Call for professional drain cleaning at affordable rates.

Need Leaky Faucet Repair? Count On Us!

A leaky faucet could have several causes. Internal parts often corrode or collect mineral deposits that interfere with the faucet's function. Gaskets, o-rings, or washers can be worn out, defective, or improperly installed. Your home’s water pressure could also be causing a drip. No matter the culprit, Anderson Heating & Cooling will identify it and provide prompt faucet repair services.

Expert Garbage Disposal Installation

A garbage disposal provides many benefits, making disposing of kitchen waste faster and more convenient, and reducing kitchen odors that would otherwise come from your garbage can. Garbage disposals also help to reduce clogs, as food is ground up and less likely to create a blockage in your pipes.

If you’re considering installing a garbage disposal in your home, Anderson Heating & Cooling can help! Choose from a variety of models, from batch-feed or continuous-feed types to units with auto-reverse mode or a high horsepower motor. Whatever you’re looking for, our technicians are licensed and experienced in providing garbage disposal installation and repair services in Mentor.

Are your pipes old and corroded? We provide whole-home repiping services in Mentor.

Complete Kitchen Sink Repair Services

If you need kitchen sink installation or repair services, we’re on it! Your sink has a big job: storing and cleaning dirty dishes, preparing food, providing clean water, and disposing of waste. Because they’re heavily used, they can experience normal wear and tear and become damaged. Anderson Heating & Cooling knows that your sink is crucial to your kitchen’s operation and that it can completely transform the look of the room. Whether you require installation services for reasons of function or feng shui, our team of reliable, highly qualified professionals can deliver.

Your kitchen is one of the most-used areas in your home! For kitchen plumbing services in Mentor, OH, call Anderson Heating & Cooling at 440-255-8500.