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3 Reasons You Should Never Try DIY Heater Repairs

The Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Heater Repair and Maintenance

It can be highly rewarding and cost-effective to tackle repairs and home improvement projects without hiring outside HVAC help as a homeowner. Homeowners can learn new skills, gain a more intimate knowledge of their homes, feel the satisfaction of getting things done, and maybe even save a few bucks while they’re at it.

But when it comes to maintaining or repairing a home’s heating system, even the most accomplished DIYers may want to think twice before busting out the toolbox. At the very least, it’s imperative to understand the risks involved before considering any heater work beyond changing or cleaning the air filters. So this article will lay out three of the biggest pitfalls of DIY heater maintenance and repairs.

Incorrect Diagnosis

Heaters and furnaces are complex machines. Some owner’s manuals may contain instructions for basic maintenance tasks or general troubleshooting tips. Still, these represent the tip of the iceberg for servicing or repairing the unit. Add to this the fact that many common heater issues can have multiple possible causes, so diagnosing problems can be exceptionally difficult to the untrained eye.

A misdiagnosis can lead to repairing the wrong thing, which will only consume time and money and leave the actual problem unsolved. Homeowners can do a deep dive into online articles and YouTube videos to find the right solution, but this can eat up many hours with no guarantee of finding the right answers. 

On the other hand, a professional heating technician has already spent the time and paid the dues to gain the training, certification, and licensing (from credible sources, no less) that allows them to understand the ins and outs of any heating system. This in-depth knowledge, combined with experience and specialized diagnostic tools, allows them to eliminate the “red herring” clues and diagnose the problem quickly and accurately.

Takes Longer (and Often Costs More)tools

As long as it might take for a DIYer to diagnose a problem, learning how to perform the necessary repairs correctly - and then actually performing them - can take even longer. This can be a real problem for central heating systems because the house will essentially be without heat until the job is done.

Another factor to consider is the cost. It may seem cheaper to forego professional help and buy replacement parts directly. Still, the job may require specialized tools and safety gear, the cost of which can add up quickly - and that’s not even counting the possibility of having to put up the family in a hotel for a night or two (if not more).

In most cases, it makes more sense in terms of both time and money to hire a heating contractor since they are trained to know exactly what they’re doing, carry the tools they need to do it and have likely done it countless times before. 

insuranceSafety and Insurance Concerns

Heating systems have their fair share of potential hazards between mechanical and electrical components, natural gas/oil combustion systems, and hard-to-reach places. Professionals are trained to understand these hazards fully to avoid dangerous mistakes. This means using the correct safety gear, complying with furnace safety standards, and performing all work according to local codes.

A quality, trustworthy heating service company won’t just put safety first. They’ll also have the necessary insurance policy to protect themselves, their workers, and the homeowners from personal liability if an accident happens. This is one crucial element that amateurs lack - without the proper insurance if someone gets hurt or property gets damaged due to the repairs, the homeowners could end up paying for it out of pocket.

For all of these reasons, the cons of DIY furnace repair and maintenance tend to outweigh the pros, and homeowners are generally better off getting the peace of mind that comes with hiring an expert!

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