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Air Duct Cleaning 101

Air Duct Cleaning Basics for Better Health

With a respiratory pandemic, everyone is more concerned than ever about the air quality they breathe in their home. This is amplified because it is summertime, and everyone is spending more time inside to get out of the heat. This begs the question: what are some easy ways to improve the air quality in the home?

Luckily there are numerous answers to that question that local air quality experts answer. In this article, air quality experts focus on the benefits of duct cleaning to keep healthy air in the home. With this simple guide, homeowners can learn when to recognize that duct cleaning needs to be done and how to keep their air clean between duct cleaning visits.

When Is It Time for Duct Cleaning?duct problem signs

Ductwork is a vital part of any air conditioning system. It accounts for about half of the installation cost of a new air conditioner and handles all of the air that circulates a home many times daily. As the air inside a home circulates, dust can be deposited on the inner walls of the ductwork. The dust becomes a haven for dust mites and a trap for moisture that can encourage the growth of mold and mildew. Together, these can continually contaminate the air inside a home and greatly contribute to poor lung health. But, how can a homeowner tell when it's time to clean the ducts? Here are a few signs:

  • Musty odors in the home that can be removed or covered up
  • Poor airflow
  • High cooling bills
  • Dust hanging in the air around the home
  • Dust dirtying surfaces in the home

Reasons to Schedule Duct Cleaningduct cleaning benefits

With all the time people spend indoors, it is imperative to have a continual supply of clean air to breathe. Unfortunately, to keep air conditioners efficient, they must recycle indoor air instead of introducing fresh air. The result can be dirty air if certain procedures aren't followed.

When ductwork is allowed to get dirty from constantly recycling dirty air, the complications that follow are:

  • More sensitivity to allergens
  • Higher incidence of sinus infection
  • Higher bills
  • Lower air quality

Easy Ways to Keep Ductwork Clean

So what can be done to keep ducts clean in between cleanings or in general? Everyone can take several concrete steps to keep their ductwork cleaner all the time. Some great examples are:

  • Schedule duct cleaning every two to five years
  • Find the right air filter for each occupant's needs in the home
  • Change air filters every three months– more often if a lot of dust or pets are present
  • Launder bedding and towels regularly– weekly is best
  • Vacuum every day or every other day
  • Add sofas and curtains to seasonal cleaning lists
  • Dust flat surfaces to prevent free dust from clogging filters

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