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Diagnose a Busted AC Before Summer Arrives

3 Signs the AC Needs Crucial TLC Before Summer

The last thing any homeowner wants to find is a busted air conditioner on a long, hot summer day. The only surefire way to prevent an AC fiasco before the summer heat arrives is to give the air conditioner a test drive and all the care it needs to be running smoothly for the hottest time of the year. Homeowners unsure of how to tell an AC needs TLC should be on the lookout for these signs.

hot air

Air Problems: Hot, Smelly, & Low Flow

Air conditioners function by absorbing hot air from a house and producing refrigerant cooled air to circulate into the home. It stands to reason that if hot air is blowing through the vents when the air conditioner is running, there’s something wrong with the unit. 

The airflow is only the first air-related sign to watch out for with an air conditioner. If the airflow seems weak, there’s likely an issue in the air conditioner. Blocked ducts, clogged filters, and broken fans can slow down the airflow of the unit. 

Additionally, homeowners should be wary of strange smells blowing through the vent while the air conditioner is running. Moldy, damp air blowing indicates mildew or mold build-up, while a burning smell indicates an electrical issue. All of these air-related issues need addressing by a professional electrician capable of fixing any problems found. 

Leaking Units 

If moisture is prevalent in the air or near the unit, there’s air conditioning trouble. In general, condensation around the AC unit needs to be investigated by an HVAC professional. Why? Liquid coming from an air conditioner can be hazardous to a home’s health. 

Refrigerant leaks are a common source of moisture issues around an air conditioning unit. The refrigerant used in air conditioning is toxic and requires special care to clean it up correctly. Occasionally, leaks may be a sign of a clogged drain producing stagnant water. While initially not hazardous, water collections can encourage mold growth that can cycle through the ductwork of a home, posing serious harm to a home’s occupants and creating a time-consuming mess to clean up. 

Abnormal Noises noises

Air conditioners run relatively quietly. An occasional thrumming sound is perfectly normal; however, scraping, grinding, or squealing indicates a mechanical issue in the unit. The moment strange sounds start up, homeowners need to call in an HVAC specialist. Unchecked motor damages only worsen over time; they most certainly will not go away if ignored. Some of the most common are compressor issues, broken blower fans, or damaged belts.

In any case, if mechanical issues are suspected, homeowners need to reach out for assistance from an HVAC professional. Most air conditioning units have warranties that require all work to be completed by a professional to keep the warranty active. Additionally, repairs to an air conditioner typically require specialized tools and training to work with the hazardous materials, electricity, and parts involved with making the unit run. 

When it comes to air conditioners, it’s a great idea to have a professional handle all the maintenance repairs - plus, it takes the stress out of keeping the home cool during the summer!

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