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Heating and Cooling New Year's Resolutions

Three Cooling and Heating Maintenance Tips to Bring in the New Year 

Spending money continues even after the holidays are over. They continue well into the new year as homeowners catch up on energy bills and other obligations. Some may think that losing money at the start of the new year is inevitable––but it's not. People can do plenty of things to save money on operating their heating and cooling systems.  

Replacing the Air Filter Once Every Three Months filter

An air filter's job is in its name; it filters out contaminants. A new, clean air filter will efficiently screen dog hair, dust, dander, and other materials. An old air filter could cause the heating and cooling system to overheat, then shut off. Nobody wants to deal with that in the middle of the winter. 

As noted, EnergyStar notes that homeowners should replace their air filters once every three months, even if the air filter they're using seems fine. One should consider changing the filter even more often if pets or many people live in the home. 

Yet, there aren't one-size-fits-all air filters. When replacing their air filters, homeowners should consider: 

  • The size of the HVAC system
  • The size of the home 
  • The air filter's width, length, and height 
  • How often the heating and cooling systems are on 

Most hardware stores sell air filters for under $25. If someone has a problem finding or installing one, they can consult a heating maintenance professional. 

Keep the Air Vents Open 

ventsSome homeowners with centralized heating and cooling systems may close the air vents every once in a while. They do so thinking the system will redirect air to other parts of the house. This is a common misconception that can do more harm than good. 

When a homeowner closes the air vents, air pressure builds up inside the air ducts. In the long run, this can cause many problems, including above-average wear and tear. Also, closing the air vents doesn't save energy. The home's HVAC system doesn't know that the air vents are closed so it won't produce less energy. 

So, this new year, homeowners should keep their air vents open. If they want to save money on their energy bills, they should consider adjusting their use or relying on desktop fans or space heaters. 

Schedule Once-a-Year Maintenance Visits 

A heating and cooling system can last more than 15 years with proper care. However, this isn't a guarantee. Homeowners should regularly consult with professionals to identify problems and keep their HVAC systems in good shape. 

The U.S. Department of Energy suggests consulting with a maintenance professional annually. During their examination, an AC maintenance professional can: 

  • Seal any air duct leaks 
  • Address any puddles 
  • Check the thermostat 
  • Run diagnostic tests 
  • Replace the air filter 
  • Advise homeowners on other methods

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