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Mark the Calendar for National AC Day This July 17th!

3 Ways To Take Care of the AC System On July 17th

July 17th is National AC Day, which means now is the perfect time to learn how to care for that amazing system the right way. It is 2021, and most homeowners still aren’t sure how to properly take care of their AC system besides scheduling regular maintenance. Staying on track with regular maintenance is important, but there are other things homeowners can do as well. The AC system is one of the most important systems in the home, so homeowners must take care of theirs. Not to mention they will most likely benefit from decreased energy and repair bills by doing so. Continue reading to learn more about ACs!

Keep the House Clean and Replace Filtersfilter

The air filter is one of the most important parts of every air conditioning system. Without it, air quality in the home would be poor, and the system itself would most likely suffer from a shorter lifespan. There is also the likelihood of more breakdowns during its life. 

Air filters must be changed every few months, and more often for those with multiple people and pets in the home. Changing the air filter often does wonders for the home. Here are a few reasons why: 

  • A clean air filter can catch more debris and dust in the home
  • A clean home means fewer allergy symptoms and sickness
  • Less dusting 

A clean home is just one of the main benefits of taking care of the air conditioning system this July 17th and every day! Below are a few more benefits homeowners can expect. 

Reduce Unit Strain and Adjust the Temperature 

For the homeowners dedicated to preserving their AC and their energy bill, this tip is perfect. A little temperature adjustment goes a long way. Keeping the home a little warmer throughout the day and cooler at night significantly reduces strain on the system. The best part about it is that most homeowners work away from home, so they are gone during the day anyway. 

Most home air conditioners have smart thermostats now. If homeowners don’t have one, they are easy to install for a relatively low price! It is well worth the purchase too. Some smart thermostats allow the homeowner to adjust the temperature in the home directly from the homeowner’s phone. Homeowners can also set up automatic settings for the temperature to rise and fall at specific times of the day. 

Turning the system off, however, isn’t necessarily recommended. If it gets hot enough during the day, it can cause the system strain when it comes time to turn on again. The system has to work overtime to cool the home off again. Simply adjusting the temperature a few degrees warmer is all it takes to reduce stress to the system. 


Stay On Top of Regular Maintenance and Tune-Ups

Regular maintenance and tune-ups, of course, are the single greatest thing that all homeowners can do for their air conditioning system. It is recommended that homeowners have their system maintained twice yearly. This will ensure the system runs efficiently throughout the entirety of its life. 

Some of the benefits the homeowner can expect include: 

  • Fewer breakdowns
  • Savings on repair bills
  • Savings on the energy bill because the system isn’t overworked
  • Longer-lasting system 
  • Better air quality all year-round 

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