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Schedule Boiler Maintenance to Ensure It's Ready for the Cold Season!

Boiler Repair Services Keep People From Being Left Out in the Cold

Anyone that has spent any time outside during a Mentor winter knows that the cold gets down deep in their bones. The only way to remedy that is a hot beverage and an extended stay in front of the heater. For residents who own a home heated by a boiler, they know the joy of being thoroughly warmed by the radiant heat of a boiler. 

As comfortable as boilers are, they are unfamiliar to many homeowners and even HVAC technicians. This means they have special requirements for making sure they are ready for another freezing winter. Here is a quick guide to heating a home with a boiler from a local boiler installer to help homeowners appreciate this appliance. 

Benefits of Heating a Home with a Boiler

Many things can keep a home warm over the winter, but none are as comforting as the feeling of the heat produced by a boiler. The popularity of boilers has waned over the years in favor of forced-air heating by a furnace or heater. But according to statistics, nearly nine million homes are still heated with boilers. And the owners of these homes are grateful for their heating systems. Some of the things that set a boiler apart from other heating systems are:

  • Comfort: When people are cold, they want to feel warm. The best way to do that is to stand near a vent or radiator pumping out heat. A boiler gives that experience better than any forced-air system. 
  • Efficiency: Because they use water to circulate heat instead of air, heat transfer is more effective around the home. Additionally, boilers can be selected for efficiency, with some ratings going as high as 98%. 
  • Energy Savings: Because boilers create such a comfortable environment by heating from the bottom of a room to the top, boiler owners find that they can lower the thermostat and still feel just as comfortable. 

Common Problems from Boilersboiler

Boilers are great appliances, and they are generally very reliable. But, from time to time, they will have problems. When boilers have problems, a boiler repair specialist is the person to call. Some of the reasons for calling for boiler repairs are:

  • Leaks
  • Gurgling or popping noises when the boiler flame is on
  • Non-responsive thermostat
  • Uneven heating in radiators
  • Failed ignition

Tips to Help Homeowners Get the Most Out of Their Boilertips

Boiler repairs usually require the help of a specialist. But, there are a few things that a homeowner can look out for to correct any little problems that might pop up. Some of the things that may indicate a problem include:
  • Leaks around the boiler or any piping
  • Check for obstructions around the combustion intake
  • Verify the flame is a deep blue color
  • Schedule annual maintenance and start-up from a reputable boiler installation company

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