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Should You Get a Dehumidifier?

The Basics of Humidity and Its Effects

Humidity levels are the measure of water vapor in the air. When humidity gets high enough in a house, it can develop negative effects on the house and those living in it. And while there’s no such thing as zero percent humidity, given the Earth’s climate, healthy humidity levels can help people live comfortably and avoid things like mold growth, allergies, and other negative effects. But how do homeowners know if they should invest in a dehumidifier? Read on to find out. 

What Can a Dehumidifier Do?

humidifierAir conditioners help reduce humidity in the home. And for people living in climates that don’t experience much humidity, an air conditioner is likely all they need. But for most people living in America, there comes a time during the year when the AC just can’t handle the humidity. And in some places, this is nearly a year-round problem. It’s for these homeowners that dehumidifiers are essential for healthy, comfortable living. 

The right dehumidifier installed in the home can help the air conditioner reduce humidity levels. It does this by removing water vapor from the air. Not every house will need a whole-home dehumidifier. Some houses may only have one or two consistently humid rooms, like the basement or bathroom. In these cases, a portable dehumidifier may be the ideal solution. 

Signs a Dehumidifier Will Be Beneficial

signsIt can be difficult to know whether a home needs a dehumidifier. Luckily, some telltale signs indicate high humidity levels in the home. Some of the most common signs include:
  • Condensation on windows - When water droplets or a thin sheen of moisture forms inside a home’s windows, it’s a sign that humidity levels are too high. 
  • Musty smell - Most everyone is familiar with the musty smell of dampness. If certain rooms — or the entire home — smell musty, it’s a sign of high humidity. 
  • Mold growth - Mold thrives in moisture. So when there’s mold growing anywhere in the home, it means moisture levels are too high. This can also mean mold in the attic, basement, or crawl spaces. 
  • Warping or rotting wood - Over time, moisture can wreak havoc on wood. And since wood is a major component in most houses, this can be extremely problematic. When any visible wood is warping or swelling, it’s time to consider a dehumidifier. This means wood in the attic and basement, too. 

Benefits of a Dehumidifier

It’s easy to see some of the benefits of a dehumidifier just by looking at the signs above. When ideal indoor humidity levels are reached, mold growth, musty smells, and condensation will cease. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to reverse damage done to wood or personal belongings. This is why getting a dehumidifier before things go so far is important. But there are many other benefits of getting a dehumidifier. They include:

  • Improve Indoor Air Quality - Mold, mildew, and other allergens love moisture. By reducing humidity, allergens will have a harder time thriving. 
  • Increase AC Efficiency - When a dehumidifier is installed, it helps take the burden off the air conditioner, increasing its efficiency and prolonging its life. 
  • Protect Possessions - From books and electronics to furniture and the house itself, high humidity levels can cause all kinds of damage. With a dehumidifier, homeowners protect their belongings from moisture damage. 
  • Increased Comfort - Living in a house with high humidity can be sticky, muggy, and uncomfortable. Sleep suffers, which makes the mood suffer. Combine this with allergies, and it’s nearly impossible to get comfortable in the home! But with ideal humidity levels, it’s easy to get comfortable again. 

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