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Signs That the Water Heater Isn't Keeping Up

How to Tell When the Water Heater Isn't Working

Water heaters are expensive appliances that are standard issues in every home. They operate faithfully for years until they finally start to become faulty. When they fail to keep up, sometimes the signs can be obvious, while others are subtle.  

The most obvious sign that a water heater is faulty is when someone jumps in the shower only to be greeted by cold water. The urgency of this situation is hardly worth mentioning! Another obvious sign that its time for water heater replacement is a unit that is 10 years old or older. After this point, serious problems can occur. Early replacement is the best option. 

But, what are some of the signs that a water heater is faulty that aren't immediately obvious? This article is a quick guide from local professionals that can tip homeowners off that water heater repair or replacement is imminent. 

soundsUnusual Sounds 

One of the small things homeowners should do to familiarize themselves with their water heater is to pay attention to the sounds they make during normal operation. Water heaters are usually tucked away in a closet or a basement, and homeowners can go for years without seeing them. The downside is that they can develop obvious problems from the sounds they make, but homeowners won't know the difference between abnormal sounds and normal operations. 

The most common unusual sound from a water heater is a deep rumbling or thumping sound when the burner cycles on. The source of this noise is water boiling underneath the mineral scale at the bottom of the tank. Over the years, sediment settles out in the water tank, where it speeds up corrosion and impedes efficiency. 

To prevent and fix this problem, water heater maintenance is key. A plumber will drain and flush the water tank during professional water heater maintenance. Flushing the tank removes the offending scale and restores performance while removing the rumbling noise. 

Foul Smells and Discolored Water water

Even when done with modern plastic materials, plumbing is always subject to corrosion. Since water is laden with minerals and plumbing fixtures are made of metal, slow corrosion will always take its toll on plumbing. To protect water heaters, all the tanks come with devices called "anode rods."
The rods are sacrificial, meaning that they corrode before anything else does. Once these rods are totally corroded, they must be replaced before other plumbing fixtures become irreparably damaged. This service is normal during a professional water heater maintenance visit. 


Water Leaks 

One of the major problems that occur when an anode rod is spent is leaks that occur in the water tank. Unfortunately, most leaks in the water heater's tank are not fixable. This means the water heater will need to be replaced. Always seek a professional's advice when leaks are in the water tank. 

Once a new water heater is installed, if this is the best option, ensure it with yearly water heater maintenance. This prolongs the unit's life and reduces its utility costs. 

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