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Why Is Spring the Best Time for AC Maintenance?

Get AC Maintenance Done Before the Summer Arrives 

Winter is gone, and people are excited about returning to activities that the cold weather prevented them from doing. Along with this hope comes a list of responsibilities to help protect summer plans. The only reason people put up with spring cleaning is that they want to make sure their summer is uninterrupted with complications arising from neglecting home maintenance. 

One can spoil summer fun and relaxation by having a poor landscape and dirty garage, but a real impediment to fun is also an air conditioner that won’t work. Instead of risking summer enjoyment, take the initiative and add AC maintenance to the spring cleaning checklist. Here are a few reasons why this is a good idea. 

Springtime Scheduling Is Easier for Everyone

maintenanceWhen it comes to making sure summer goes smoothly, it starts by being proactive. Too many homeowners play fast and loose with their AC maintenance. This causes them to experience more emergencies in the summer in the form of AC outages. This lack of proactivity has the snowball effect of keeping HVAC technicians too busy to do routine tasks during the summer. 

By scheduling AC maintenance in the spring, HVAC technicians can spread out their work over an extra month or two, giving them ample time to do preventative maintenance on their customers that had the wisdom to plan. 

Make Sure the Cold Air Comes All Summer Long 

The foresight to schedule AC maintenance in the spring pays dividends all summer long. Early planning ensures technicians are free enough to do the work, but it also helps owners and technicians alike by preventing emergency equipment breakdowns that will tie technicians up during the summer. 

During AC maintenance, HVAC technicians take a thorough look through an air conditioner. They will check things and perform tasks like:

  • Checking belts
  • Lubricating bearings and moving parts
  • Checking and topping off refrigerant levels
  • Replacing air filters
  • Cleaning blowers and visible ductwork
  • Cleaning evaporator and condenser coils 

These steps go to great lengths to ensure that the AC will work all year long. Spring AC maintenance is like an insurance policy against future necessary repairs that will likely happen exactly when homeowners need their AC the most. 

Get the Most of the Air Conditioner


Springtime AC maintenance is great in the short term because it keeps problems at bay for the summer. However, each maintenance visit is an investment in the long term. As AC equipment is maintained, it runs smoother. As it runs smoother season after season, less damage accumulates in its moving parts. Since it avoids the grinding of the years, it will last for years longer than machinery that isn’t maintained. 

Along with lasting longer, it will also perform better by:

  • Keeping air quality high during its lifespan 
  • Efficiently removing humidity from indoor air
  • Reducing bills through efficient cooling
  • Increasing comfort by effectively moving air around the home
  • Keeping people in the home healthy by giving them safe air to breathe

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