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Start Off Spring Cleaning With the Water Heater

Why Water Heater Maintenance is so Important

Now that spring has come to Ohio, many homeowners are considering spring cleaning. While it may not be the most engaging or fun activity, spring cleaning is important for maintaining a well-functioning household. But it's certainly true that life gets in the way. Homeowners may have a list of spring cleaning items they want to get through, but it seems that one or two items get missed every year. This is why homeowners must start their spring cleaning routine with the home's workhorse: the water heater. Performing preventative maintenance on a water heater is highly beneficial. And when done regularly, it will help save the homeowners money. Read on to find out all about water heater maintenance. 

Why Do Water Heaters Need to be Flushed?

water heaterThe best thing homeowners can do for their water heater is flush it at least once a year. And there's no better time than spring. The primary reason to flush this appliance is to eliminate the sediment inside. While it's hard to see minerals like calcium and magnesium in the water with the naked eye, they're there. And over the years, they build up inside the water heater tank. If these minerals are allowed to build up over time, they can seriously damage the water heater. 

Not only does a buildup of sediment increase the chances of a leak in the tank, but it also prevents efficient water heating. This can cause the energy bill to increase because the water heater has to work harder to keep the water at the set temperature. But flushing the hot water tank just once a year can help things run smoothly. 

Other Water Heater Maintenance Tips

maintenanceWhile flushing is the most important thing to do for a water heater, certain other things go into water heater maintenance. And it's best to get all these things done at once. Checking the temperature pressure relief valve is a good idea, as this valve can prevent massive damage to the water heater if something goes wrong. So if it's broken or malfunctioning, it needs to be fixed. 

As part of regular maintenance, it's also important to check the water heater anode rod. The purpose of the anode rod is to attract sediment, which can corrode the inside of the tank. This rod breaks down over time as the attracted sediment corrodes it. That's what it's there for, but it needs to be checked during water heater maintenance. If the rod is too corroded, it needs to be replaced. Otherwise, the minerals will reduce the lifespan of the water heater tank, eventually leading to total replacement. 

The Outsized Benefits of Regular Maintenance

While not the most difficult thing in the world, proper water heater maintenance does take some time. And when life gets busy, time is an extremely valuable commodity. This is why many homeowners prefer to hire a professional to maintain a water heater. Not only will a professional plumber do things like flushing the tank, testing the valves, and checking the anode rod, but they will also check the temperature, look for possible leaks, and check all connections. When the plumber leaves, the homeowners can rest easy knowing that their water heater is working efficiently and won't need to be maintained until next spring!

Homes with tankless water heater systems also need to be maintained. As part of tankless water heater maintenance, a plumbing professional will clean the filters, flush out the system of any sediment, and check to ensure everything is working properly. Yearly maintenance on tankless systems is as important as on traditional water heaters.

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