Hydro Jetting for Clogged Drains

A clogged drain is an issue every homeowner is bound to encounter.

Whether it's from hair, soap residue, food debris, or mineral buildup, a clogged drain is inevitable. Yet, with effective solutions like hydro jetting, clogged drains don't have to slow down your home's daily routine.

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What Is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is a powerful and efficient method to clear clogged drains and pipes. The process involves using high-pressure water jets to clean the inside of plumbing pipes. It requires a specialized nozzle attached to a pressurized hose to forcefully — yet safely — spray water to dislodge and flush away debris lingering in a plumbing system.


Benefits of Hydro Jetting for Clogged Drains

More and more homeowners are choosing hydro jetting over options like plunging, plumbing snakes, or chemical drain cleaners. This is because hydro jetting offers advantages such as:

  • Thorough blockage removal: Because it uses pressurized water, hydro jetting is highly effective in clearing the most stubborn blockages — unlike most alternatives.
  • Versatility in pipe materials: Whether your home's pipes are made of PVC, copper, or galvanized steel, hydro jetting can be applied to different plumbing systems.
  • Eco-friendly: Hydro jetting relies on using water, not chemical-based cleaners, so it doesn't introduce chemicals into the piping or surrounding environment.
  • Cost-effective: Even though hydro jetting has an upfront cost, it's a great investment because it dramatically reduces piping blockages. It offers long-term results that eliminate plumbing issues that could more expenses if left untreated.
  • Time-efficient: Hydro jetting is a quick process. The high-pressure water rapidly breaks down obstructions, minimizing the total time to address plumbing issues.

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Is Hydro Jetting Right for My Home?

While hydro jetting is a great solution for most homes, there are a few environments where it's not the best choice. Specifically, hydro jetting isn't recommended for very old or fragile pipes, because the high-pressure water could cause damage.

We recommend scheduling a professional assessment to determine your pipes' condition and whether hydro jetting is the right solution.

Homes and environments hydro jetting can be ideal for include:

  • Homes with persistent drain clogs in sinks, showers, bathtubs, or toilets
  • Properties where tree roots infiltrate sewer lines
  • Houses that need regular maintenance to prevent clogs and keep pipes clean
  • Properties in which hard water causes mineral deposits in pipes
  • Outdoor drainage systems clogged with leaves, debris, or dirt

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