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Beat the Heat and Stay Cool This Summer

Three Factors Affecting How to Stay Cool This Summer

With high temperatures reaching over 85 degrees, those living in the area will need help to remain cool this summer. That's why HVAC professionals share the importance of AC maintenance and tips to help keep their customers' home temperature down.

Keep Up with Air Conditioner Maintenance

acThe main reason to worry about AC maintenance is to prevent worrying about an AC replacement. Scheduling regular maintenance performed by a certified technician will reduce the likelihood of needing an AC replacement. Proper AC maintenance improves the air conditioning unit's ability to cool efficiently, saving time and money.

Air conditioner maintenance significantly reduces the wear and tear regular use causes. Technicians keep the unit clean, replace parts on schedule, and assess the unit's overall level of functioning. Homeowners should schedule a technician at least annually. 

One of the less expensive steps in AC maintenance is regularly inspecting and changing the unit's air filter. The air filter allows clean air into the unit, helping circulate cool air throughout the house. A dirty or clogged filter reduces the airflow to the unit and decreases circulation; many professionals recommend changing the air filter every 45 days. Most homeowners can perform this maintenance themselves.

Time for an Air Conditioner Replacement - Quality Counts

People want to save money. It's a fact. But cutting costs when selecting an AC replacement is not the way. It may cost more to choose a cheap air conditioning replacement. It takes many moving parts to circulate cool air throughout a home. Low-quality parts will wear out quicker, increasing maintenance costs and reducing the unit's service time. 

A higher-caliber unit will also improve the home's air quality in ways older or cheaper units cannot do. One of the most important specifications is the unit's ability to produce cleaner air.

It's easy to tell when an air conditioner replacement is needed. The house is hot! Other less obvious warning signs include decreased pressure coming through vents, unusual or loud noises, not automatically turning on or shutting off, and odors coming from the unit. When these are detected, call a professional.

Keep Fans In the Mix for Circulation

fanOne of the easiest and most economical ways to improve air circulation in the home is to incorporate fans. Ceiling fans and floor fans greatly improve the home's level of coolness and significantly reduce the wear and tear on an air conditioner. Proper fan placement is the key to keeping the air moving and improving circulation.

One more thing about fans: check the ceiling fan direction. During warmer times of the year, ceiling fans should be moving counter-clockwise, producing a downdraft and helping circulate cool air. If the ceiling fans move clockwise, the rotation will cause an updraft, pushing down warm air and increasing the home's temperature.

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