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The Best Allergy Relief Filters for Cleaner Air Inside the Home

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How Allergy Relief Filters Can Help Achieve Cleaner Air

As the world encounters the dangers of airborne viruses and symptoms, breathing in pathogens has been sent to the forefront of everyone’s worries. Suddenly, coughing and even sneezing in public is a terrifying occurrence.

Someone who has seasonal allergies may feel guilty when they leave their home due to constant sneezing and coughing. However, there are solutions that can help suppress those with constant symptoms from seasonal allergies.

In this article, air quality experts will share some of the best air filters you can install in your home, helping you combat seasonal allergies and live a more comfortable life.

HEPA Filters Are an At-Home Solution to Cleaner Air

hepa filtersOpening and closing doors at home may be unavoidable. Impurities in the air come from pets and pollutants, then they are brought into people's homes. Luckily, there is a comfort knowing the air-quality at home significantly improves with the presence of a HEPA filter.

Many air filtration companies use HEPA filters because they are an efficient way to achieve high-quality air at home. Common brands include Dyson, Molekule, and Alen. These filters are designed to rid the air of common household allergens such as dust mites, mold, and pollen.

These filters trap allergy-inducing particles to keep them from recirculating within the home. This ensures that fewer allergens are floating in a home where there is eating, sleeping, and constant daily activities. When there are fewer airborne allergens because of HEPA filters, there is less sneezing and coughing.

Odors and Gases Are No Match for Charcoal Filters

charcoal filters

Charcoal filters use activated charcoal which is naturally found in the environment. Every day, there are odors and gases that come from the outside into everyone's homes.

These odors and gases can trigger seasonal allergies and general discomfort. Charcoal filters directly absorb those impurities, giving you an extra layer of protection when compared to standard filters.

However, charcoal Filters are different from HEPA filters. They are able to absorb odors and gases in the home whereas HEPA filters aren’t guaranteed to reduce odors. Nevertheless, charcoal filters can guarantee a reduction of smells like tobacco and pet odors.

When searching for a charcoal filter, they are often featured by the name of “carbon filters” as well. It’s important to understand that these two use the same charcoal-absorbing technology. They both feature activated charcoal which helps work to absorb allergy-triggering odors at home, leaving you with a cleaner and a better-smelling home all in one.

HEPA Eco-Mode Helps the Environment and Saves Energy

eco friendlyMany HEPA filters are an amazing tool to combat allergens. However, saving energy and the environment is a potential concern when deciding to use a HEPA filter. Because they’re constantly running, they can sometimes raise energy costs and waste energy when no one is in the home.

Luckily, many HEPA filters feature HEPA Eco-Mode which is a great option to reduce electricity use. This mode helps the environment by reducing runtime when the filter is not needed and improving performance when it is on.

When purchasing an air purifier, this HEPA eco-mode will reduce financial and environmental impacts. There is peace of mind knowing that high-quality air can be achievable without the guilt.

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