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In the Chilly Valentine's Weather, Give the Boiler Some Love

Three Lovely Tidbits About the Humble Boiler

The heating system known as the boiler was one of the first forms of central heating. It is an enduring form of heating that is still relevant even in the modern world of ever-changing technology. These pretty simple machines produce reliable and efficient heat in an eco-friendly way. Here is some information about the boiler that people may not know.

There May Not Be Boiling Water in the Boilerboiler

While the original boilers did use steam power to heat, this came with severe risks of injury. Boiler explosions were a reasonably common problem during the nineteenth century. Nowadays, boilers don't boil the water they use to transfer heat. 
  1. Whether from a gas flame or electric heat exchange, the heat source heats up, warming the water in the closed system.
  2. The hot water is pushed through pipes to radiators, floor, or baseboard coils.
  3. The hot water heats the radiator or other unit, warming the home's air. 

The invention of the heat exchanger and the water pump has made boilers much safer while still preserving all of the efficiency of this particular heating system.

Boilers are an Ecologically Sound Choiceeco

If a homeowner is an environmentally conscious person, they can rest easy if their home has a boiler installed. Not only are boilers often easier to repair and money-saving, but they are also an eco-friendly option. 

  • Energy Use: Boilers use less energy than units like heat pumps and furnaces, which must transfer their heat to and from the air. Water is much easier to heat, especially in the boiler's closed system.
  • No Water Waste: Because the boiler is a closed system, the water used to heat the home is constantly recycled and does not require refilling (unless there is a need for boiler repair). 
  • Indoor Air Quality: Boilers do not use the ducts required for a traditional forced-air heating system. Homes with boilers will accumulate less dust and fewer allergens because the air is not being cycled through such a system of ducts. This is valuable for those who suffer from lung diseases like asthma and COPD.
  • Efficiency: If a homeowner is considering boiler installation, there are even energy-star certified boilers to consider.

The Importance of Water Pressure to the Boiler

While there is little chance of catastrophic or explosive damage due to a boiler malfunction, water pressure does affect how well a boiler works. If the water pressure is too great within the boiler system, it can cause leaks in the pipes and damage to the system. 

If the water pressure cannot reach optimal, the home will not receive consistent heat. This is something that an HVAC technician would assess during boiler service or boiler maintenance. This is usually not a complicated fix and can keep a home boiler in peak condition.

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