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Give the Boiler the Attention It Deserves by Getting To Know It Better!

Get To Know the Boiler: A Quick Q&A Session

The home's boiler is an essential but often neglected piece of home hardware. Most homes have either a furnace or a boiler, and like a furnace, the boiler provides heat to the home. But how exactly does the boiler work? And what exactly should homeowners know about boilers?

How Do Boilers Work?


The modern boiler was first patented in 1679 by french inventor Denis Papin. The boiler was revolutionary due to its ability to warm an entire home without constantly feeding fireplaces. However, until the 19th century, most homes did not have a boiler.

Nowadays, boilers are common in the modern home. Homes usually have either a boiler or a furnace, but the boiler achieves the same task as a furnace: heating the home. 

Homes with boilers have a series of pipes connected to radiators in the home's rooms. Boilers heat the water, which is then moved by an electric water pump through the home. The water reaches the radiators, which then radiates or gives off the heat held within them to warm the water.

Are There Different Types of Boilers?

Back in the Victorian era, boilers were largely fueled by gas or coal. There are several types of boilers on the market nowadays.

  • Natural Gas: Natural gas boilers are fed and fueled by natural gas pipelines. They are typical both in cities and in rural settings. Natural gas boilers are an older model that dates back to the Victorian era.
  • Electric: Electric boilers are more eco-friendly and economical than other types of boilers. They heat the coils and water the same as a gas boiler. However, during power outages, the boiler will stop working. 
  • Condensing: Condensing boilers are a more modern model. Condensing boilers use two separate heat exchanges in their operations. One heats the water that goes to the home's radiators, and the other reheats water returning from the piping. They are exceptionally energy efficient compared to older gas models.
  • Hot Water: Hot water boilers use hot water and a series of pumps to deliver heat to the home. Water gets heated and pumped through the home, expanding the pipes and radiators connected to the boiler. Cold water is piped back to the boiler and reheated to maintain the home's desired temperature.

What Kind of Service Does a Boiler Require?

The boiler of a home often goes untouched for years before homeowners remember they have one. It's easy to take this all-too-important machine for granted when working fine, but ill-maintained boilers need to be replaced more often and can fail due to negligence.


Homes with boilers should have them inspected at least once a year, typically before the cold season arrives, and puts added pressure on the unit. A qualified HVAC technician will inspect the unit's parts and verify everything is running smoothly. If any cleaning or repairs need doing, the technician can usually get them done then and there.  

It's important not to mess around with the boiler too much. DIYers can get seriously injured by the boiler's pressurized and heated inner-workings. Additionally, gas boilers use dangerous fuels to warm the home that can be hazardous to the home's integrity and health. Working with a professional will keep the home and its occupants safe and comfortable. 

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