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Give the Gift of a New Water Heater This Holiday Season

Why a New Water Heater Is a Perfect Holiday Gift 

Most people do not need another novelty mug or holiday sweater. Instead, consider a practical gift such as a new water heater. Most water heaters only last between six to ten years, and they need to be replaced every so often. 

This article explains how to tell when to replace a water heater and lists the benefits of new water heater installation. Keep reading to find out more about why a new water heater makes a perfect holiday gift. 

How to Tell When a Water Heater is Malfunctioning

Here are some warning signs of a water heater malfunction that homeowners need to look out for. 

  1. Loud Noises: When the water heater begins to make screeching, rumbling, or banging noises, that is an indication that it needs repair/replacement. 
  2. Water Smells or Is Discolored: If the hot water has a funny smell or color, it could mean a problem on the inside of the tank. This usually means a build-up of sediment or bacteria within the water tank. 
  3. Inconsistent Water Temperature: Another warning sign of a malfunctioning water heater is if the system stops producing as much hot water as it used to or if the temperature of the water is inconsistent. 
  4. Leaky Water Heater: Water pooling on the ground around the water heater is sure that the system requires emergency repair. Over time the metal of the tank can erode, causing leaks to form. 

water heater When Is Water Heater Replacement Necessary 

Sometimes all it takes to keep a water heater running in tip-top condition is to keep up with the maintenance. Most water heaters need maintenance bi-annually at least. The recommended annual water heater service includes cleaning out the inside of the tank to remove build-ups of mineral sediments

When the water heats up in the tank, it can cause the natural minerals found in our water supply to separate and turn to sediment. This build-up of sediment over time can cause many malfunctions described in the previous section such as strange noises or discoloration. 

After about 10 years, it is time to consider replacing a water heater. As the water heater ages, it may need more and more repairs. The cost of keeping up with constant repairs may outweigh the cost of new water heater installation. 

Benefits of New Water Heater Installationwater heater

There are many benefits to installing a new water heater, making it a wonderful gift for a homeowner this holiday season. One of the main benefits of a new water heater is having more hot water and water that heats up faster. 

Newer water heaters are designed to make energy usage more efficient, which is good for reducing environmental impact and keeping utility bills low. Some homeowners are even switching to tankless water heaters, which only heat the exact amount of water needed. 

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