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How to Make Your Home's Air Cleaner

Clean air is an essential factor in everyone's home. Although most of the common tips for making the air cleaner in the home are well known to most homeowners, local HVAC technicians are here to share a few less conventional tips that can help any home in the community have fresher, healthier air. Following these tips can help everyone in the home feel healthier, so it's a win-win.

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Many homeowners are unaware that there are grants and funding available to help make the air cleaner in the home. Mostly these grants are coming from the government, and specifically the Environmental Protection Agent.

Most areas also have their own specific energy-efficient financial assistance programs for homeowners looking to promote healthier air. It's good to contact the local office for additional information and see what one may qualify for. Much of this assistance is related to improving utilities in the home to make them more energy-efficient. There are also some tax credits related to having a more energy-efficient HVAC system, many of which come with air purifiers. 

Since 1970, the Clean Air Act has kept everyone in the United States as healthy and as safe as possible.

The Importance of Air Filters

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Keeping the air cleaner in the home, no matter how energy efficient the HVAC system is, also hinges on changing the air filters as often as recommended. Unfortunately, many homeowners aren't aware of what those recommendations are

Air filters shouldn't go more than 90 days without being changed. However, that is the absolute longest they should go. In homes with allergic family members, pets, or smokers, air filters should be changed at around 30-60 days. This ensures that the filter will continue to work at filtering out allergens, pet dander, dust, and more without getting clogged.

Homeowners who aren't sure where their HVAC filter is or how to change it should contact a local technician for assistance. Although the process is simple and can be handled without an HVAC technician once the knowledge is there, it's good to learn how to do it from a professional.

Make The Air Cleaner By Airing Out FurnitureDust

When focusing on ways to help make the air cleaner in the home, the vast majority of suggestions focus on the air itself. However, one last tip is related to one of the biggest offenders of air quality: furniture! 

Airing out the furniture in the home can significantly improve the quality of the air and make the air cleaner in a variety of ways. It may not be noticeable at first as the pollen, dander, and dust start to build up in and on the couch and other furniture. However, over time, sitting down on them can send plumes of allergens into the air.

Homeowners can start by going around the home with a vacuum cleaner and vacuuming the surface of the furniture. This will remove the surface allergens. People who have homes with especially allergic or asthmatic members living in them may want to take that one step further and consider hiring a professional to steam and deep clean the furniture.

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