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Necessary Heating And Cooling Tools for Every Technician

What Tools do HVAC Technicians Need?

HVAC Technicians have an interesting and varied job. They perform maintenance checks on heating systems, home ventilation, and cooling systems. If you need a heater replaced or an HVAC unit installed, they can do that too.

They’ll test fan systems, coolant levels, and your system’s thermostat to ensure it’s working correctly. Some HVAC techs will even install ductwork for your system. In short, without these essential professionals, many homes would be left without fully functioning systems.

Many homeowners enjoy watching these men and women work on their units and ask about the necessary tools of the trade. What are they and what do they do? That’s what you’ll learn in this article.

Essential Tools For Every HVAC Tech

essential toolsEvery HVAC tech carries a few tools they can’t live without. These are often the very same tools homeowners can’t live without either. The essentials every technician carries with them includes a hammer, screwdriver, pliers, wrench, and tape measure.

No matter what job they’re tackling, these tools will come in handy. If they need to reach wires in tight spaces, pliers make for a handy set of fingers.

Wrenches and screwdrivers come in especially helpful for loosening and tightening nuts and bolts on HVAC units. Tape measures ensure proper installation. While these may be the most common tools, they are also the most essential; no job would get done without them.

Specialized Tools of The Trade

When HVAC techs arrive onsite, they’ll pull out several specialized tools to get started. Two of the most important are thermometers and multimeters along with the most common to be power drills. When working with any unit hooked up to electrical current, it’s vital to determine if wires are live, if high voltage is running through a current, or if there is no current at all.

specialized tools

Multimeters keep technicians safe by determining how much electrical current is flowing through the unit and where the currents are located. A thermostat is used to determine how hot the unit is running. Excess heat could point to an internal issue that needs further exploration. Also, all technicians will have a refrigerant gauge, which helps them determine whether or not low freon is the cause of your issues.

Safety Tools Every HVAC Needs

safety precautionAn HVAC technician’s job comes with a set of risks, and for that, safety tools are necessary. What tools keep a technician safe? Goggles, a facemask, gloves, non-skid shoes, and a helmet are all critical. Goggles provide eye protection from any particles or debris.

A facemask ensures safe breathing even when in an area that has mold or mildew. Gloves protect the workman’s hand from getting cut on sharp or jagged metal edges of an old unit.

Non-skid shoes give a technician solid footing, even in a wet or slippery area. Hard hats are essential especially when installing units and keeps falling debris from injuring a worker. All items are crucial for a safe HVAC job.

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