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Start This Year's Spring Cleaning With Your AC System

Spring Is the Season for AC Maintenance

As homeowners begin to chip away at their list of spring cleaning chores, most probably haven’t considered that air conditioner maintenance should be the first item they tackle. As the warm days come creeping in, the AC system will have to start working full-time after lying dormant all winter. In the case of heat pump systems, the same unit that’s been handling the home’s heating needs for several months will now have to switch to cooling. 

Any hidden issues or inefficiencies developed in the intervening months will most likely come to the surface as the AC begins to work longer hours. Basic cleaning and tune-up of the system will help ensure that everyone stays cool while working on the rest of the spring cleaning list.

Unit Tune-Up and General Maintenance

A professional AC tune-up every spring is the best way to ensure that the unit is in good shape and ready to handle the warm months ahead. It also helps keep the unit operating at peak efficiency to prevent needless energy loss or damage due to overworking. 

A technician will perform a thorough inspection and run down a detailed list of maintenance tasks. They will check fan belts and bearings for signs of wear and lubricate, tighten, or replace them as needed. They will check for loose or exposed wires and examine electrical components for shorts or burnouts. They will measure the amperage and voltage of the blower motor and compressor for irregularities. Refrigerant lines will be tested for leaks and topped off if need be. 

These are just a few of the main areas technicians focus on, but the list goes on. Finally, after cleaning everything from the fan housing to the coils, they calibrate the thermostat and ensure the system is operating properly.

Cleaning the Home’s Ductworkduct

While it may not be required quite as often as cleaning and maintaining the unit itself, an air duct cleaning can be highly beneficial. Dust and debris that have escaped the air filter can linger in the home’s ductwork. A portion of this will be blown into the home whenever the unit is on, but some will linger and accumulate over time.

Dirty ducts can foster mold and bacteria growth in the humid summer months, which can be harmful to respiratory health. Enough debris can even hinder airflow if it becomes trapped in narrow tubing or against the output registers. A great deal of debris may even suggest a leak somewhere in the ductwork, so it’s a good idea to get an inspection at the same time as the cleaning service.

cleaning A Clean Home Means Clean Air Filters

Another key aspect of maintaining an AC system is maintaining a clean home. The less dust and residue is allowed to drift around the house, the cleaner the air filters will be. A dirty air filter will lead to dirtier ducts and living spaces as well as reduce unit efficiency. Homeowners can drastically improve filter effectiveness by regularly dusting shelves, countertops, and ceiling fans, as well as sweeping and vacuuming floors. However, even in a spotless home, homeowners should replace their air filters every 3 months at the minimum!

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