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It May Be Time to Break it Off with Your Old Water Heater

Red Flags with the Old Water Heater 

What is more romantic than someone who offers support and comfort reliably for years and years, always ready to take away the burdens encountered in life? While everyone would be lucky to be in that situation with someone, most people already have this kind of support. In their water heater! Water heaters in every home constantly work to help wash away the stress of the day, and they stay reliable for years. Until they aren't reliable anymore. 

At some point, the relationship with the water heater will need to end. This Valentine's Day is a great time to examine the relationship with the water heater and look for red flags that things are about to turn south. Here are the most common signs that it's time for a fresh start with a new water heater. 


corrosionSometimes relationships get to feeling old and crusty, and a homeowner's relationship with their water tank is no different. One of the biggest indicators that a water heater is about to give out is the presence of corrosion. Corrosion is a natural process that can occur nearly anywhere in a home's plumbing infrastructure, but it is often most noticeable on a water heater. 

Water heaters have special devices intended to control corrosion but wear down over time and fail to protect the water tank. This allows water to attack the iron in the tank and contribute to leaks. Once leaks are present in the tank, nothing can be done to save it. Leaks and corrosion are most easily recognized, and visible moisture near rusty spots or fittings coated in green copper powder. 

Lack of Hot Water 

Over time, relationships take more and more work, and this is the same for water heaters. Every year they are in service, they lose efficiency. What once was a steaming hot shower that lasted seemingly forever is now just a warm shower that turns cold after a few minutes. A notable drop in performance is one of the signs that water heater replacement is the best decision. 

A new water heater will be more effective at heating water and can provide what the old water heater used to. This year for Valentine's Day, keep things hot and steamy with a new water heater. 

High Energy Bills 

billWhile inadequate hot water supply is usually the most noticeable sign of an inefficient water heater, the energy bills will also expose the inefficiencies with higher utility bills. Even though energy bills are constantly rising, an inefficient water heater will be evident in bills that climb slowly over the years. 

Poor performance from the water heater doesn't have to be a sign that it's time to kick it to the curb. Sometimes water heater repair or maintenance is all that is needed to restore performance. For help determining what could repair the relationship with the water heater, don't turn to a relationship counselor; call a plumber and get relief from high energy bills. 

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