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Water Heater Maintenance Matters, and Now Is the Time To Get It!

Keep the Hot Water Flowing With Water Heater Maintenance

Like any other system or appliance in the home, the water heater benefits greatly from a routine professional maintenance. Hot water is important in today’s society, and water heater maintenance is the only way to ensure the home always has the hot water it needs. The last thing homeowners want is to deal with hot water issues. Water heater maintenance is quick and inexpensive, and it also prevents surprise breakdowns. 

There are many reasons why water heater maintenance is important. They are listed below, including what water heater maintenance entails and signs that repair might be necessary.

Regular Water Heater Maintenance Is Important: Here’s Whyplumber

Homeowners always hear their HVAC professionals mention how important maintenance is, but they might not understand why. Water heater maintenance is extremely important for several reasons. Homeowners also believe maintenance is a waste of money, that their water heater works fine without regular maintenance. 

It may seem like the water heater works fine without maintenance, but the reality is that regular maintenance helps the water heater and home more than homeowners tend to realize. Here are several benefits associated with regular water heater maintenance:

  • More efficient water heater 
  • Longer lasting water heater
  • Fewer repairs needed throughout its lifetime
  • Prevents surprise breakdowns 
  • Prevents mineral build-up
  • Saves the homeowner money in the long run

What Professionals Do During Maintenance 

For every homeowner that isn’t sure of the importance of water heater maintenance, even more, don’t understand what professionals do during maintenance. 

Essentially, professionals check the entire system for any errors or potential problems. The idea is to ensure the water heater runs at peak efficiency all year round, so professionals take maintenance very seriously. 

Here are a few things that professionals check for during water heater maintenance:

  • They check all valves for potential leaks and weak spots
  • Flush the tank to remove sediment build-up
  • Check the tank for leaks
  • Check and potentially replace the anode rod
  • Refill the water heater tank

Signs To Look Out for When Repairs Might Be Necessary water heater

Professionals recommend that homeowners have their water heater maintained twice a year. Doing so highly decreases the risk of breakdowns and other surprises occurring between maintenance visits. That said, sometimes surprises still do happen, and when they do, homeowners need to be repaired. 

Below are some of the signs that the water heater needs repair: 

  • It’s making unusual noises when it turns on
  • The hot water isn’t consistent 
  • There isn’t any hot water at all 
  • There is a puddle of water by the tank
  • Unusual smell
  • Cloudy water

When homeowners notice any of these beginning signs, they should call a trusted professional sooner rather than later. When these signs get neglected, they only get worse. Homeowners should call right away to ensure their water heater gets the attention it needs. 

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