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What To Do When Your Heater Goes Bump in the Night

Spooky Furnace Noises To Beware Of

There is something about Halloween that makes the most normal creaking noises in a house scary. That said, when the sound comes from the furnace, it makes it that much scarier. The last thing anyone wants to hear when watching a suspenseful movie on Halloween is a loud banging noise from their furnace. 

When homeowners hear any of the following noises, they must take the steps necessary to handle the situation as safely as possible.

Scraping and Grinding Noises

When a furnace starts to make loud scraping and grinding noises, it is vital that the homeowner turns the furnace off immediately and calls a trusted professional as soon as possible. This noise usually indicates that metal is hitting another metal piece it’s not supposed to. There could be something broken inside the furnace, but regardless, it can lead to a dangerous situation rather quickly. 

Some common reasons for grinding noises are: 

  • A Broken Bolt: If a bolt or another type of small piece of metal gets lodged in the motor or blower fan, it causes this grinding noise. Prompt repairs are necessary before safely using the furnace again. 
  • Blower Fan: If the blower fan is loose or broken when the furnace is on, the fan will grind against the housing. 

Loud Banging Noises

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A loud banging noise is certainly nothing anyone wants to hear from their furnace either. When the furnace first kicks on, the homeowner might hear a banging noise coming from the air duct. This is relatively normal, but it might be hard to distinguish where the sound is coming from without a professional around. 

One common reason includes an ignition failure. Fuel build-up in the unit causes this noise that can sometimes be described as fireworks going off. When the igniter fires, it explodes. If this happens, the homeowner should keep the furnace turned off until a professional can take a look to ensure everyone’s safety. 

Screeching Noises

A screeching furnace is usually not as bad as it originally sounds. In this situation, the homeowner can still use the furnace if the residents can bear to listen to the loud screeches. 

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A couple of different things lead to a screeching furnace, and they are stated below.

  • A Worn Belt: Anytime a belt wears out, it begins to screech as a result. Whether it is the belt on a car or in a furnace, if the edges are frayed and cracked, it’s time for a new one. 
  • Damaged Bearings: It is common for the bearings to need some lubricant. However, if it isn’t the answer, then the bearings might need to be repacked.

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